Products & Services

Products & Services

This is a list that highlights some of the different types of products and services that we offer.

We can now offer you a fully functioning CRM that is seamlessly integrated with:

  • Modernize, professionalize and upgrade your logo
  • Create a fully integrated brand management plan for uniform presentation in the market
  • A stylish and modernized, multi device compatible website
  • Funnel creation and management
  • Lead acquisition management
  • Lead enrichment and lead history
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated chat widgets
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • Call from inside your CRM and log the data at the same time
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • TEXT (SMS/MMS) Campaigns
  • Lowest Cost per Contact Marketing Systems ($0.03/contact) including creatives
  • Brand Modernization, Creation of Brand Plan & Strategy
  • Workflow Automations and Integrations
  • Polls and Surveys integration
  • Project Management integrations
  • Contract Management: eSignatures and Approvals
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Financing for your clients

Our Flagship Core Offer is our Mastermind & Elevate500 System:

Our most cost effective marketing system is the Digital Conquest Marketing program:

Logo Updates and Branding Plan Layouts
Here’s 5 Reasons to Update Your Logo (Branding)

How to Choose a Logo Style

What’s a Brand Plan and why have one?

It’s really NOT just about colors and images ... it’s about how you present to the market that you seek to attract to your offer, your service, or to buy your products!

While a Brand is not the logo, the colors, or the images, it is important to create a unified strategy with “rules” around how your brand is presented to the market. This ensures that when clients see your colors, your logo, your standard font in your standard colors, etc …. they associate all of that with the brand you seek to create. We modernize, professionalize, and customize your brand’s uniform presentation to the world. This helps to eliminate brand confusion, then subsequently underlines and enhances your brand recognition. Want to know more? Book a Call!!