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Workshop – Varied Subjects

$1,500.00 $475.00

Subjects that I have prepared content for, and am ready to present include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Social Media Marketing/Engagement in 2020

  • Goal Setting Strategies:  How to “F” Up Your Life

  • Selling Is Organic (Part A) | 4 stack for Impact & 4 types of prospects

  • Selling Is Organic (Part B) | 4 Step/Simple Funnel System & Organic Selling Methodologies

  • Beat the Slump: EMBRACE Method

  • Impact Questions: The How & Why of questions when selling for influence

  • Door-To-Door Sales:  From Elevator to Closed in 60 minutes or less

  • Insurance Restoration: Exterior Trades & Roofing:  From Adjuster Meeting to Supplementing

Travel Expenses such as accommodations & per diem are negotiable and dependent on time required, distance traveled and so on. workshop-event-001


Product Description

Workshops can be provided in either a digital (online) format, or via in-person presentation methodology.  Work books are provided to encourage engagement and to serve as a point of reference down the road.  Most workshops are between 45 minutes and 75 minutes presentation time.  Questions & Answers generally run between 20 mins and 45 minutes, depending upon the interaction with the group and issues at hand to discuss.


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